Let’s take a look at some revelations
 God gave me in relation to prayer in
a poem called “Somebody Prayed”
Somebody Prayed
Somebody prayed, God saw my plight,
Strength came and I made it through the night,
No desire had I to call out in my need,
But you faithful pray-er, did, for me, indeed
Somebody prayed, my burdened heart grew light,
I was tired, discouraged, without a will to fight,
Suddenly things changed, there was no more fear,
God really had touched me, it became so clear
Somebody prayed, God touched my aching heart,
Turmoil went as He did His peace impart,
Logic couldn’t explain what I now understand,
It had been the touch of the Master’s hand
Somebody prayed, the Surgeon succeeded,
God healed my body just where it was needed,
He held me close through my trying time,
Taught me to trust in His love so Divine
Somebody prayed, the supplies got through,
Many lives were saved, not a just a few,
The orphans, the war -torn, the wounded, diseased,
Were fed, treated, cared for, burdens were eased
Somebody prayed, hope at last broke through,
Dread fled, as God’s plan, came into view,
My life in His hands, now I can see,
With faith placed in God, the best’s yet to be

Somebody prayed, and became my vital link,
I was so pre-occupied, had no time to think,
Overwhelming circumstance all around I could see,
Yet you prayed to God and He lifted me
Somebody prayed, sin’s bondage was broken,
Oppression fled, as your words were spoken,
No longer entrapped in soul’s misery,
Faithful pray-er you spoke to your Father for me
Somebody prayed, in my emergency,
I was panicked and didn’t know what to say,
Yet the words that you spoke in prayer for me,
Caused blessing to come and restored sanity
Somebody prayed, O that awesome power,
Angels were activated in my crisis hour,
A miracle happened, my need was then met,
To be continually thankful, my mind is now set
Somebody prayed, tapped into God’s power,
Wonderful things took place in that sweet hour,
Be encouraged all who hear or read this word,
Daily let your voice in heaven be heard
Somebody prayed, my life was spared,
During the crisis, I had felt so scared,
Peace then emerged, which God did impart,
Grace came upon me, love filled my heart

Somebody prayed, with fervent anticipation,
God’s convicting power was loosed on the nation,
This by the Comforter, who was heaven sent,
Many souls were saved, as each did repent
Somebody prayed, my blinded mind did see,
How Jesus, God’s Son, died for a wretch like me,
Bowed ‘neath my burden, scourged in my place,
Paid for my pardon, O amazing His grace
Somebody prayed, the eternal transaction is done,
My heart door opened, I received God’s Son,
His love fills me now, my desire is each day,
To my Father in heaven, in Jesus name, I’ll pray
Somebody prayed, please never tire,
Keep talking to God, save souls from hell’s fire,
Pray utterance for those who speak out God’s word,
That anointed they’ll be and the gospel be heard
Somebody prayed, please keep on doing so,
Prayer is answered, though we may not always know,
A miracle takes place as earth links up with heaven,
Just believe and receive the answer God’s given
Faithful pray-er, in life, you may never be thanked,
But your reward like your treasure in heaven is banked,
Glory to God those in His family will say,
Thank you Jesus and Holy Spirit, for making the way
Thank you too friend, and...
I thank God you did, and do, pray!
Friend, please go over the words of “Somebody Prayed” time and time again.
This will inspire you to pray.  It will show what can be brought about as a result of prayer.  Remember also that prayer is a two way communication.
It is not just about you relating to God.  It is about God relating to you also.

Miracles happen when we pray - that's a fact!

Somebody prayed!

Could that somebody
 be you?

Praying is the most worthwhile and important thing
one can do
Why not begin now?

© David B R Scoular, Box 888, Prayer Mountain H.Q.,
Mountain Lodge, Wanlockhead, ML12 6DU, Scotland
All global rights reserved